Worshipping and Learning About Jesus Each Week

Intentional Investment in Spiritual Life

Students in elementary, middle school, and high school all attend chapel on a weekly basis. Each school has a tailored chapel program designed to meet students where they are developmentally and to draw them closer to Jesus through worship and the Word.

Chapel at westminster


Chapel is a highlight of our elementary students’ week. Wednesday mornings, you can hear their joyous voices lifting high the name of Jesus as they worship in chapel!  This year, our speaker has been walking through the Old Testament. Students are learning that if you want to understand the Old Testament, you need to look for a picture of Jesus, and that God always takes care of His children. 


Middle school chapel is designed specifically for students to worship Jesus, learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Him, and grow in their walks with Christ. Our unique chapel setting has allowed for large group teaching, modeling, and individual hands-on experience. 


High school chapel seeks to further Westminster’s mission through Christ-centered corporate worship as well as truthful and exegetical teaching from God’s Word. Our chapel teaching team is composed of four rotating speakers including local pastors, ministry leaders, Christian counselors, and Westminster faculty. Each semester, the team chooses Scripture and themes to reach, meet, and challenge the student body (both as a community and as individuals) to know and serve God, and to live in a healthy relationship with Him.



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