Supporting You and Your Decisions For Your Students

Prioritizing and Reinforcing Your values

Building a strong foundation in Christ begins in your home, and is reinforced in a Westminster classroom.  We are passionate about allowing parents to reclaim their children’s education by partnering with them to uphold and reinforce Biblical truth.  Westminster Christian School launches Faith-Rooted and Life-Ready graduates into the world for Christ.

Faith-Rooted students know Jesus and love Jesus. They cannot be swayed by cultural trends, as they are grounded in Biblical truth, and their faith is rooted in Jesus Christ.

Life-Ready students are critical thinkers. They are academically strong, think for themselves, and use the Bible as their ultimate authority. They are ready to make a difference in the world for Christ.

When you choose Westminster Christian School for your children, they receive so much more than just a traditional education in reading, writing, and arithmetic.  We partner with families to give children a Christ-centered educational experience that will develop them into independent thinkers who are prepared to take on the world for Christ.