Grade 5 – Grade 8

Fostering Academic and personal Growth built on a Biblical worldview

Christ-centered curriculum

Our curriculum integrates the Bible into every subject and keeps decisions and discussions about hot-button issues in your hands

Academic, Elective & Enrichment Courses

In middle school, students have the opportunity to branch out from core curriculum courses and into electives, as well as take high school-level courses that may better align with their academic aptitude.

Unmatched instruction

Our teachers and staff build intentional relationships with students that allow children to be seen, known, and loved


Westminster Christian School Elementary Classroom

Core curriculum

Students in middle school receive instruction in Math, History, Language Arts, and Science. At Westminster, we go beyond the academic building blocks and encourage students to explore each subject through a Biblical worldview. Bible is also included as part of our core curriculum, with students receiving instruction daily.


Students in middle school have their choice of many elective courses throughout the year, including Band, Choir, Art, Tech, Spanish, and Physical Education. Students also have the opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities such Sports, Theater, and Media Team.

BEyond the classroom

Academic Extras

Students in middle school can participate in science fair and Math Olympics. Resource services are also available, and our Library is open to all middle school students. 7th grade students take an annual trip to Springfield, and 8th graders take an annual trip to Washington D.C. to learn through an immersive experience.


Along with Physical Education, students can participate on our athletic teams, including soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Spiritual Life

Both inside and outside the classroom, each day is intentionally structured to point hearts and minds to Jesus. Middle school students attend chapel each week where they worship Jesus and grow as His disciples. They also get to participate in classwide service projects.

Fine Arts

Students can choose to continue in their music and art education by selecting electives in the fine arts, including band, choir, or drawing. Middle school students can also participate in our two school musicals each year.


Spiritual Development


Fine Arts




Middle School Faculty and Staff

Each member of our staff has a unique set of God-given gifts and abilities they use to serve our student body and provide them with opportunities to know their Savior and grow in their love for Him. Our team is passionate about meeting the unique learning needs of each and every student in the classroom and helping them reach their full potential in Christ.

Wendy Branscom

Resource Specialist

Sandy Christensen

Middle School Language Arts

Star Ducher

Middle School/
High School Computer
Science & Business

Scott Dyck

Middle School Visual Media

Mark Funkhouser

Physical Education & Health

Beth Gottlieb

Middle School Science

Jessica Hertz

Middle School/
High School Spanish

Emilee Hume

Resource Specialist

Patrick Kelly

Middle School History

Debbie Layne

Middle School Program Director

Heather Loredo

Middle School Administrative Support

Steve Luecht

Middle School Visual Media

Laila Oliveira

Middle School Math

Dan Quinn

Fine Arts Director &
Instrumental Music

Joanna Sire

Vocal Performance

Sue Skok

Resource Services Director

Katie Swalve

Middle School/
High School Art